Hi All

My name is David Ganson I have produced this site for songs that I created without performing or singing them I  started three or four years ago just dabaling in lyric writing for fun. It was fun making up stories and trying  to make sence out of them.

I wrote my first lyric 4 years ago I  called it My Princess after my late wife who I adored very much. But I had to have a hobby to take away the bad stuff that was hapening in my life then  it was good therapy for me.

I wrote and wrote untill I ended up with 7 album of all different sorts of songs some happy some sad some out of this world  that was all lyrics at that point then I thought of creating songs with no words that was a challenge how will I do this so I come up with an Idea of puting my thoughts onto a video so I got picture that tell a story about the music I had created so I am going to add a page on here for just that so people can understand the songs title 


I don't belong to any band or any musical group I am just your avarage person who loves music and wants to write and create words that mean something and wants to share. And also sell my creations that' all I have wanted to do since I heard my first song which I think it was a David Bowie song.

 Through my life I have met some great friends and they have directed me on the right path to my goals but this particular friend I met she was an angel she and I had a great friendship and yes she was a musician she knew I had the bug and she encourage me to continue my writing  in which I am doing today 

So on this site are all my songs in single and albums. if you like any of them there are for sale.  The Artist on these albums is an artist of my  choosing.

9.99  Albums

0.99  Single 


David Ganson

Thank you for Listening